Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Not very good with blood

I went for a blood test today. As I sat down and rolled up my sleeve I said, "I'm not very good with blood".

The nurse with the needle said, "Neither am I".

Not what I wanted to hear! I looked away ...

It went all right, despite the phlebotomist* saying she has to look away too. She was being trained; fortunately her supervisor was on hand.

Nothing at all to do with the above, I photographed this cherry tree a couple of weeks ago.

But where is it, you ask? Well, it's in a very well known canal village. Perhaps the next photo will help.

Yes, it's in Braunston.

* phlebotomist = blood-letter. A new one on me. There were posters with Dracula images declaring how many people they'd taken blood from during the last month. I wonder if all their patients appreciate the black humour (I did).


Jim said...

I have to have regular blood tests but I still need to "look away now" when the needle goes in. The level of skill of the various phlebotomists (thank you for that one) differs enormously. Some you hardly feel whilst others can be quite painful. I often find that the trainees are amongst the best.
In Hereford they did the test by a tiny pinprick on your fingertip. Here in Lancaster it's a full-on needle in the arm job though.

Halfie said...

Dave Ward said ...

This'll cheer you up:

(Dave's comments don't want to appear on my blog for some reason)

Halfie said...

Thanks Dave - I've seen/heard this many times!