Sunday, 29 May 2016

Jan broadcasts to Northamptonshire, church in the beer tent and looking at a 12V fridge

This morning started early for us as we wanted to listen to BBC Radio Northampton to hear the item on the Boaters' Christian Fellowship at the Crick Boat Show. It was to be in their Sunday programme some time between 0600 and 0900. We switched on at 0615 and heard the item at about 0710. Jan had been interviewed yesterday, along with Mark Chester, the lead Waterways Chaplain. The package included clips from Mark and Jan explaining what their respective organisations do. After the item was broadcast the programme plugged the BCF service in the beer tent which was happening at about 1010. Martin Heath, the presenter, asked listeners to contact the programme with suggestions for hymns or worship songs suited to a church service in a beer tent at a boat show. One idea was "'Ail to the Lord's annointed", which worked well on the radio.

Mark Chester spoke at the service.

I managed to remember to take one or two photos at the show today. The weather was a lot cooler than yesterday; I kept my fleece on all day and didn't wear my sunglasses until late afternoon.

We had another good meal at the Wheatsheaf, then Jan went to the boat and I returned to the beer tent, this time for a Tom Robinson gig.

I enjoyed this much more than last night's Blondied. The sound overall was better and not as deafening.

Afterwards I talked to Del and Al of Derwent6 and Sian of Mochyn Du.

Last day of the show tomorrow. We might buy a 12V fridge to replace the 230V one. It still works fine, but it means having the inverter on the whole time; the combination being quite a drain on the poor old batteries. We looked at a Lec Inlander in Midland Chandlers on what seems a good deal. Anyone want a perfectly good mains fridge (no icebox)?


Martin said...

As you know, my initial experience with having a 12volt fridge and leaving the inverter off has been very positive, though we've yet to test the setup in the wild for an extended period. The MC price on the Inlander looks good, but we wanted a larder fridge (without a freezer section), and went for a Shoreline RL5010.

Martin Heath said...

Thanks for the interview. I hope you enjoyed being on the radio! Martin Heath, BBC Radio Northampton

Halfie said...

Martin H, I have passed on your comment to Jan; she says she did enjoy it! You did a brilliant job on the programme, and well done to the reporter for the edit.