Sunday, 8 May 2016

A private canal?

On our way to Fenny Compton Wharf, in about the Priors Hardwick area, we came across a boat seemingly on dry land.

As we got nearer we could see that it was actually sitting in its own little pool of water, not much bigger than the boat itself.

There is no connection to the canal, not now, anyway. The boat is obviously inhabited. Why all the effort to dig out the pool rather than moor at the edge of the field? I suppose it saves having to pay CRT for the mooring. Another question I asked myself is, as it can't go anywhere, why not simply sit it on dry land? One reason might be that you need water to cool the skin tank if the engine is run (to charge batteries, say). Although the limited volume of water wouldn't be able to carry away the waste heat as efficiently as the comparatively infinite amount of water in the canal.


Davidss said...

Come now! We all know that one of the sensual pleasures of living on a canal boat is the way it moves as you walk about. Remember how strange it feels it you end up moored on the bottom of the canal bed for some reason.

For some reason this owner can't or won't move about, but until the day comes when that problem is resolved this owner can have a weekend cottage that feels like a boat, but doesn't cost mooring fees.

Just a guess, of course!

marky Clarky said...

The farmer cut out a slipway to the canal and then filled it back up, seen it done before in people's gardens and the crt then kick off about it so after fill them back