Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winterising Jubilee

With freezing temperatures forecast for tonight in central England I have asked Ben and Ally to help prepare Jubilee to endure the cold.

The best thing would be some of this:

with us on board. As that's not possible, Ben is going to drain the water pipes.

Now, I read somewhere that it's possible to drain the system without having to drain the water tank, so Ben has closed the stopcock immediately after the tank and opened the taps. He's also allowed the shower head to dangle in the shower tray to drain off water from there. I hope this is sufficient! When all the water had stopped flowing he turned the water pump off. Thanks, Ben!

And Ben has just told me that they lit the fire to keep the boat nice and cosy tonight, which is good. A shame, though, that there is no-one on board to enjoy it!


Debz said...

That's what we did when we left Lois Jane over Christmas and also when we were away for a few days last March and there was loads of snow then.

Halfie said...

Thanks Debz, that's encouraging. I take it you had no problems! Yes, last March was freezing, but Ally and Ben were living on the boat keeping it nice and warm then.

Debz said...

No problems I'm pleased to say. Obviously Christmas was just wet and windy, although it was only 4c inside when we got back. Last March the canal was iced and we had a snow drift at the back doors but all ok inside, we were away for about 5 days then so it had time to really cool down inside.