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8th April 2013

One glance at the photo below tells you we're in Loughborough. Or, rather, we were, when I snapped it as we entered the basin on our Easter cruise last year.

The basin itself is rather soulless, and for boats longer than about 40 feet the pontoons are too short to enable tying on with ropes front and back. We tied up to the concrete edge, which was still tricky owing to the unfriendly positioning of the bollards. The basin is very convenient for both Tesco and Sainsbury's.

In the town the Loughborough Echo building has a striking art deco frontage.

Perhaps a local can explain the apparent horseshoe symbol in the sign.

Jan, do you think you could you help me on with this sock?

The Sock sculpture by Shona Kinloch was unveiled in 1998 and refers to Loughborough's hosiery industry.

We ate in a Wetherspoon pub, which happened to be hosting a real ale festival. I had not seen so many hand pumps on one bar before.


As you can see I've managed to upload photos again. This time I did it via the convoluted Picasa Web Albums route. I hope I will be able to do it the good old direct-to-Blogger way in the future.


I have just done the first two performances of the village pantomime: a matinée in the afternoon followed by an evening show. They went very well, with good responsive audiences. Now I have Sunday off before the run continues on Monday. Seven performances to go. I'm really enjoying it.

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