Sunday, 12 January 2014

nb Brocky's draughty steering position

8th April 2013

The first structure of any significance you encounter when turning onto the River Soar from the Trent is Redhill Flood Lock.

In another half mile or so we came across nb Brocky, an interesting boat with what looks like a wooden superstructure on a metal hull with a wooden rubbing strake.

Steering is by wheel, and with no apparent protection from the elements.

I could find no reference to this boat in the National Register of Historic Ships. Perhaps the Register is interested only if a boat started life as a commercial vessel.

Now we can see the location: by the cooling towers of Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station.


Ray Butler said...

Not on register because not historic - looks like one of the narrow-beam replica Little Packets (Bridgewater canal steam tugs)built by either Sagar or 5 Towns. The b eam is the clue (as is the lacl of rivets) - The originals were 9 or 10 ft beam, which is why they didn't survive (low play value if you're too wide)

Halfie said...

Thanks for the info, Ray. I looked at it wondering if it was wider than a narrowboat but couldn't be sure.

john rickaby said...

This boat, original name Stretford,was built by John Rickaby who also built MSC Frodsham a few years earlier.

Halfie said...

Thank you, John. I trust the boat is still in good shape.