Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Away from the noisy generator

When we tied up yesterday afternoon I was unaware that a boat behind us had a noisy generator. It didn't stop running until 2050. This morning I moved Jubilee forward three or four boat lengths, enough to make the annoying buzz as good as inaudible. The wretched generator was on the roof of a widebeam former merchant vessel, with an upturned metal wheelbarrow to keep the rain off. The generator, not the boat.

After moving we walked in heavy rain to Ally and Ben's house and did a lot of cleaning. For lunch we went to the North Western pub in Stratford Road, Wolverton, where I had the best fry-up of the year. No, really, it was very good.

This evening Ally and Ben came back to the boat with us for tea. Unfortunately Ben wasn't feeling well, so he crashed out on our bed while the rest of us played "Guillotine".

A+B will stay here overnight; in the morning I'll drop them off nearer their house on the way to wind before returning to the marina.

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