Thursday, 23 January 2014

Limekiln Lock plaque spoilt by graffiti

Graffiti is bad enough wherever it occurs, but a paint sprayer of Leicester chose as his* canvas the plaque commemorating an event in waterways history.

The inscription beneath the graffiti reads

170 feet above sea level

Nottingham 34    Birmingham 78
Lincoln 90    Northampton 57
York 158    Oxford 100
Manchester 145    London 136

This plaque records the improving of the lock by members of the
Inland Waterways Association for the National Rally of Boats
held here July 1967

Below this is a metal sign with the name of the lock almost completely obliterated by the vandal's paint.

This was the state of things on 9th April 2013. It is possible that it has all been cleaned up by now. I hope so.

*the use here of the male singular is not intended to exclude the female or the plural

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Val Poore said...

Haha, Halfie, I like your very correct disclaimer at the foot of this post.