Friday, 17 January 2014

Is it me, or is it Blogger?

It might be me/my computer, but I haven't been able to upload photos onto a blog post for more than a day. Perhaps I should shut everything down and start again.

There might be some news to impart soon, but I should hold fire for the moment...


Elsie said...

Hi, I haven't been able to upload photos for months unless I upload them on my laptop using Picasa web albums then access them from Picasa on blogger. Even that doesn't work on my tablet......very annoying. Elsie

Nev Wells said...

Come on John, share the joy?

Not blogged for a while off the boat getting the house ready to downsize=e...hopefully !!

K1 said...

I use Live Writer with a link to our Picasa photo album. I stay well away from Blogger!

nb Waiouru

JR said...

Hi there Halfie
Same here! I have to go into Blogger and upload them from my computer directly in to the post.
It did actually work in Picasa as it should for one day last week by the way!

Halfie said...

Elsie, I'll have to see if I can access Picasa. I seem to recall that photos I upload onto the blog are stored there - I wonder if I just use my Blogger (Google) password.

Nev, you'll just have to wait a few days as the "event" is in "transition" (sorry to be so cryptic!) Hope your downsizing plans work out.

Tom, I chose Blogger in the first place because of its simplicity. It must have been simple, as I was able to get this blog going on it! LiveWriter scares me slightly - I suppose I'm happier with the devil I know.

JR, but that's the way I want to do it, i.e. upload photos from my computer directly to the blog.

JR said...

Hi Halfie

I used to select the photos in Picasa and press "Blog This", and they were uploaded straight into Blogger.
Now I have to go into Blogger and call the photos up into my post from "My Pictures" on my computer.
Why do we have so much trouble with computers? As everyone says, "They should make life easier".

Halfie said...

JR, I suppose if you are used to uploading all your photos onto Picasa anyway, then I can see that pressing a "blog this" button might be straightforward. But the direct method means that I upload only the photos I want on the blog.