Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Progress at Wolverton; grassy lock at Kegworth

Reports from Wolverton suggest that progress is being made on Ally and Ben's house. The kitchen is almost finished: I have seen a photo of water coming out of the tap over the sink; floor and wall units are installed; the worktop is in place. I believe the wiring to the cooker has yet to be connected, but that's about it.

Excitingly A+B have removed their kettle, microwave oven and coffee machine from Jubilee! What better sign could there be that we might be about to get our boat back?

At the house there's just the small matter of building the bathroom, complicated by the need to raise the floor to accommodate the soil pipe. So they won't be able to move in just yet.


As we came up the Soar last April in Shadow we passed Kegworth, where we bought Jubilee the year before.

The old lock at Kegworth is now filled in and grassed over.

Kegworth New Lock is parallel to the old one.

The lock fills rather fiercely. Despite appearances everything was under control.

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Val Poore said...

Sounds like exciting times are ahead, John! What a frothy lock! I'm sorry I've been such an intermittent commenter these days. Sadly, my studies are taking up far too much of my blogging time. I'll be back though!