Saturday, 31 August 2013

The wides and the narrows of the Wendover Arm

On my walk along the unnavigable end of the Wendover Arm I was surprised to come across what started off looking like a winding hole, but then the water just got wider.

There are useful interpretation boards along the arm, and handy seats. Unfortunately I didn't photograph any of the boards, and I can't now remember the reason for the Wides here.

Further east, and the canal narrows for a couple of hundred feet. In an attempt to prevent leakage into the Rothschilds' dining room concrete walls were built in the channel.

I can't work out why the tops of the walls are below the water level. Has the water really risen here?

Coming up: a few more bridges.

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Val Poore said...

Two lovely posts about the Wendover arm, Halfie. It looks very peaceful, but more for walkers than boaters. I'm always amazed that in this developed world of ours there is still so much natural beauty.