Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A scaled down Stoke Bruerne, and something for Sarah (Chertsey)

We have finally got away from the immediate vicinity of Milton Keynes, and cruised on the level up to the moorings just below Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock.

I'd read that the weighing machine which used to be in the redundant lock next to the top lock had been removed - this is what it looks like now.

The old boat is still there, but now resting on the bottom of the lock chamber.

It was quite hot in the sunshine, and we went into the shop part of the Canal Museum to get an ice cream. While there I came across something which Sarah would have been interested in. I tried to comment on her blog about her rag rug woes, but my attempts failed. This is what I wanted to say:

I saw a leaflet in the shop about rag rugs. In it the rug making tool was referred to as a "rugging tool"; and your problem with the broken spring was addressed. It said that part of a safety pin was often used to replace the original spring when it broke. Hope that helps, Sarah.

(I've had problems trying to comment before. If I'm doing something wrong I wish I knew what it is! All I can think is that I'm using a computer which is more than five years old.)


Sarah said...

It,s very odd that Halfie and I'm afraid I can't shed anylight on why you sometimes can't comment. What a coincidence about the rugging tool! I can see how a safety pin could work, but it also seems ok with the rubber band!

Steve Parkin said...

The old boat in the lock chamber is the station boat May.

I wouldn't mind being on your blog roll since your site is on mine.

Best wishes, Steve

Adam said...

Steve, maybe if Halfies puts you on his blog roll, you could enable comments on yours? In many ways it's the comments which bring everyone together.

Halfie said...

I'm happy to reciprocate, Steve. Give me a couple of moments...