Monday, 19 August 2013

Look! That's our home floating over us!

It can't be often that you cruise over an aqueduct and see someone you know driving along the road below. But that is precisely what happened yesterday as we set off from New Bradwell heading north on the Grand Union.

Jubilee at New Bradwell on Friday

We'd had Sunday lunch with Ally and Ben at the New Inn, then they set off for France via their house in Wolverton leaving us on board Jubilee for a few days. We soon got under way, and shortly arrived at the 1991 aqueduct over Grafton Street. Suddenly there came a few blasts of a car horn below us, and we saw a hand waving from the driver's window of a familiar-looking car driving south. We waved back, amazed at the coincidence! In a few moments a phone rang: it was Ally asking if we'd seen them. She hadn't even realised that the bridge carried the canal overhead, and was surprised to see that the boat on top was her home floating past!

Ally and Ben going to France means that we have sole use of Jubilee - hooray! We are determined not to do too much, though, and put that into practice by going no more than a mile before tying up in Wolverton.

After a bit of car/bike shuffling - and a shopping expedition to Wolverton's Tesco - we cruised today all the way to Cosgrove. Another mile! What's happening to me? We walked round Cosgrove and had another barbecue this evening. Well, we have to make the best use of the fine weather, especially after the damp and breezy spell of camping.

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Anonymous said...

It was funny :) we are coming back to the floatahome tomorrow! xxx