Saturday, 17 August 2013

Camping in the wind

We've gone camping for four nights in Buckinghamshire. As the campsite was going to be fully booked this weekend we were put in the sheep field. We have a fantastic view of the vale of Aylesbury but we are in a very exposed, elevated, position. It would be quite good if the wind dies down a little overnight - it's rather disturbing when the side of the tent buckles inward under the pressure of the wind!

We walked most of the Wendover Arm of the GU today. It must be one of the closest to restoration of any derelict canals. Almost the entire line is intact, and most of it is in water. I'll do a fuller post about this when I can upload some photos.

In the meantime we'll be boating again from tomorrow: the intention is to pootle up to Stoke Bruerne and back to MK.

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