Friday, 23 August 2013

Five days there; one day back

We've never boated like this before, and it's been great! We set ourselves the goal of getting from New Bradwell to Stoke Bruerne and back to Wolverton in six days, a trip which CanalPlan reckons should take nine hours.

In the old days, before owning our own boat, I'd never have contemplated stopping until a solid day's boating had been achieved. In 2005 that meant 12- or even 14-hour days.

But now things are different. On the first day, Sunday, we cruised a mile. Yes, just one statute mile. I had jobs to do, you see. I had to complete the solar panel installation (full description coming later). The next day we cruised another mile ... and stopped for two nights! That was the rust treatment day (or two). On Wednesday we did - ooh - six miles! And stopped for a barbecue.

This was just before the service point below Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock.

On Thursday we ascended the locks and stopped in Stoke Bruerne for the night; today we came down the locks, called in for diesel at Baxter's, and tied up in Wolverton in time for shopping at Tesco and a sit-down curry.

And, as I said, it's been great. Very relaxing (despite the jobs I gave myself) - and we've been blessed with excellent weather too. Over the week, between us, we've managed to do all of the Times's jumbo cryptic crossword bar two clues.

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