Friday, 30 August 2013

The Wendover end of the Wendover Arm

At Bulbourne Junction on the Grand Union Canal the Wendover Arm joins the main line. This is the end which most boaters see - some even turn into it and cruise the mile and a half currently navigable. We did this last month.

But the other end of the arm is well worth exploring too, even though it has to be by foot or bike.

As Sue of No Problem correctly identified, yesterday's photo was of the very start of the arm, where a stream emerges from under a road and pours into the canal.

After a few yards a sign welcomes you to the Wendover Arm and gives four instructions for "safety and enjoyment of others": No horses/motorbikes; cyclists take due care; keep your litter; no dog fouling on path.

The towpath is in excellent condition here, and stays like it for most of the way. For a canal which was abandoned in 1904 it still looks like a canal. Indeed, with a little weed clearance and some dredging, it's easy to envisage boats coming here again.

Oh, and a bit of tree removal from the winding hole would help.

But look at this: it even has the ducks!

Unfortunately the water is only a few inches deep. Could a kayak could get through?

Some of the bridges are too low for navigation. This footbridge is no more than two feet above the water.

Coming up: Tixall is not the only Wide.

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