Saturday, 3 August 2013

Clover and Fazeley at Berkhamsted

At the end of a 12 1/4 hour day (Wednesday 17th July 2013) we tied up in Berkhamsted outside the Crystal Palace pub/Chinese restaurant. My memory from 2005 had told me that it was a pub/Indian restaurant, but my memory was wrong. Never mind - we enjoyed our meal (more than I enjoyed the beer, which was off). Half way through Jan suggested I might like to look out of the window.

A pair of loaded FMC boats, Clover and Fazeley, were making their way past the moored boats, so I nipped out with my camera. (There's Berko's totem pole in the next photo.)

I was to see a lot of these boats the next day as they, too, were on their way to the festival. They made a superb sight.

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you weren't sitting facing the window... Can't believe you let mum have the view seat!