Friday, 2 August 2013

Early morning on the cut

Not as early as some, but early enough for us on this, the second day of our trip to Watford.

This was Horton on the Grand Union Canal at 0700, moments before we set off in the relative cool of the day.

It's not obvious from the photo - well, perhaps the small hole near the top is a clue - but the chimney is on its last legs. At the superb boat jumble at the National Festival run, I believe, by the Cotswold Canals Trust, I bought a replacement chimney. Second hand, but in much better condition, and taller. Now all I need to do is to remember to take the almost new Chinese hat with me next time I visit the boat. The existing one almost crumbled to pieces when I touched it.

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Val Poore said...

Early morning on the water is just lovely. Your photo captures the atmosphere so well!