Monday, 22 April 2013

Unusual sights in Nuneaton

Easter Cruise day two: Nuneaton, 2nd April 2013

After the cold start described yesterday we carried on to Sutton Stop. Here we waited behind a hire boat descending the lock.

As we went through the lock we could see the novice boaters ahead making heavy weather of the 180˚ turn onto the Coventry Canal. As we exited the lock they waved us on - they were regrouping before another attempt.

We stopped in Nuneaton for a look round the town, and for Adrian to buy his train ticket to get home the next day. There was still snow lying in odd patches: I think the small pile David used to chuck snowballs at Fergus was the remains of a snowman.

On our way to the town centre - not well signed from the canal - we saw a most unusual wedding procession.

I'd taken this photo before I realised that it was actually a hearse. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

We looked inside the museum. It wouldn't have taken long, but I made the mistake of following directions to the loo via the slowest lift in the world. It even had a notice asking passengers to be patient as the lift wouldn't move within 30 seconds of the doors closing.

Standing guard outside was a statue commemorating the men of Nuneaton who fought in South Africa 1899 - 1902.

At last, we found some shops. I liked the hardware shop with its wares spilling out all over the place.

The name of the building - the George Eliot Building - honours the famous author. The museum had a display recreating a living room of the period, complete with George Eliot and her family.

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