Monday, 8 April 2013

Trowell to Loughborough, and a good meal at Wetherspoon's

Another earlyish start this morning saw us catch up with our schedule. Last night's mooring was as quiet as any we've enjoyed. We carried on down the wide locks of the Erewash Canal until, eventually, we arrived at Trent Lock. NB Free Spirit was there, but there seemed to be no-one on board.

We crossed the Trent onto the Soar, and made good progress to Loughborough where we have tied up in the basin. There's only one other boat here, and I'm fairly sre it's the same one as was here last time we were here: Ramesses II (sic).

As we entered Ratcliffe Lock a wide beam boat came up behind us. Unfortunately, of course, we couldn't share the lock, so we went on ahead. After we tied up in the basin at Loughborough I cycled back to Loughborough Lock to see if I could help them through, but they'd already done it. Instead I chatted to single-hander Ross of Bluebell as I helped him down the lock. He was on his way to do the Rochdale Canal.

This evening we looked up the local Wetherspoon's (the Moon and Bell) and had a good meal (my mixed grill was excellent - £9.60 including a real ale of my choice). They were holding one of their seemingly never-ending beer festivals, and I enjoyed three third-pint tasters of more of the ales (in particular the Good George "Pacific Pearl", a dark beer at 5.5% abv).

Before returning to Shadow we called in at the nearby huge Tesco for a few provisions. Last time we were here (2009?) there was only the Sainsbury's (which is still there).

Tomorrow looks like being a shorter day as we have only to reach Birstall.

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Val Poore said...

Isn't it funny how all us boaters love locks, helping in locks and watching other people in locks. I never get tired of it either!