Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Old boat reveals its name

Problem: How do you identify an apparently nameless boat as you pass by?

Answer: you take a photo of its licence ...

... and then zoom in afterwards.

So this is Paragon. But, in this case, the identification problem doesn't necessarily end here. According to Roger Fuller's website on historic boats LMS boat Rival, built in 1929, was renamed Irlam. It was then renamed Paragon, but was apparently offered for sale in 1989 in two halves.

And if each half spawned a new boat, which half can legitimately call itself the "original", the "historic" boat? Or can both halves claim that?

Perhaps Paragon never was split into two, and remains the original iron BCN day boat (except now with a cabin).

photographed 4th April 2013 on the Coventry Canal by Fradley Bridge


Nev Wells said...

Interesting to find out this boats name.... he is around the coventry canal/Fradley/Burton area a lot.


Val Poore said...

It's a lovely hull. Sad that it looks rather unloved.