Friday, 26 April 2013

Greyhound heard but not seen

... until later

Easter Cruise day 3, 3rd April 2013, Hopwas

As per the schedule we ate at the Tame Otter pub. The Red Lion had been recommended, but there was hardly anyone in there whereas the Tame Otter was heaving. Next time we'll have to try the Red Lion.

On leaving the pub to walk back to the boat I heard the distinctive sound of a single cylinder semi-diesel engine working hard. Everywhere was still and quiet - apart from this - and it took some time before, at last, the boat powered by the engine came into view. The Bolinder - what else could it be? - had slowed to an irregular beat to pass the moored boats.

The boat was FMC Greyhound, built, according to Roger Fuller's historic boats website, in 1926 by Yarwoods.


Paul Dodgson said...

Tried the red lion, I would stay at the tame otter

Val Poore said...

Halfie, are the Bolinders the only single cylinder semi-diesels in the UK? Were there others before? We have several brands still in existence here, but sadly, they are gradually dying out as it becomes more and more difficult to maintain them. There are still enough enthusiasts around though, so luckily it will be a few more years before they disappear completely.

Halfie said...

Val, I don't know. I think there are some Kromhouts about - isn't yours a Kromhout? - but there are people who know much more than me!

Val Poore said...

No, mine's an Industrie, but there are plenty of Kromhouts about. I believe they had some connection with Gardener too.