Sunday, 28 April 2013

Huddlesford Junction and the eastern end of the "Lichfield" Canal

Easter Cruise day 4, 4th April 2013

After the overnight at Hopwas we continued north along the Coventry Canal. At Huddlesford we stopped so I could explore what I could of the eastern end of the Wyrley and Essington Canal - or is it the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal, or the Lichfield Canal? Whatever it is, the junction signpost gave the first indication that visitors were not welcome.

At the junction is the building housing the headquarters of the Lichfield Cruising Club. The towpath bridge is gated with plenty of barbed wire to ensure that only authorised people can get through. A swan was sitting on its nest sheltered on three sides by the wing wall.

Across the canal were the remains of a NO ENTRY sign dangling from a piece of scaffolding. Boats were moored on both sides.

David and I walked the few yards to Bridge 83 where we crossed the Coventry Canal. Just under the railway bridge is another access point to the Lichfield Canal, barred, of course.

Pressing on, we were able to cross the canal at Watery Lane Bridge, having walked down a footpath. This is the view back towards Huddlesford Junction.

By taking a short cut across a field we quickly got to Cappers Bridge, whose rebuilding was in part thanks to ...

... the European Union.

We were well over our allocated exploration time by now, so we went back the same way to the boat.


Captain Ahab said...

Halfie - technically its the Ogley Locks section of the Wyrley and Essington. But for restoration purposes its the Lichfield Canal and its being restotred by the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust who are also engaged (but less actively) in the restoration of the Hatherton canal from Bloxwick to Hatherton Junction on the S&W.

Halfie said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Captain. In my post I see I gravitated to calling it the Lichfield Canal. My 1997 Nicholson's calls it the W&E. - I wonder if later editions change the name.