Monday, 29 April 2013

A Norfolk walk including the River Yare, more snow and wooden birds

Last Saturday we joined the usual suspects for a walk in a lovely part of Norfolk.

The walk was a 5.4 mile stroll centred on the village of Claxton. We started from Rockland St. Mary, walking along a short cut leading to Rockland Broad. This looked very canal-like, with its concrete edging.

You don't get too many signs like this on the canals, though!

A typical Broads cruiser motored past ...

... while we walked part of the Wherryman's Way along the River Yare. (The river flows into the sea at Great Yarmouth.)

Despite temperatures hitting 20˚C earlier in the week, there seemed to be snow lingering on some roofs.

Or perhaps it was the previous day's hail, concentrated to look like snow.

In the centre of Claxton a tree had been receiving the attentions of a wood carver...

... commemorating the London 2012 Olympics by incorporating the interlocking rings into the village name...

... overseen by an owl ...

... and a swift.

St. Andrew's Church was very simple inside.

It retained the box pews for the lord of the manor and his family.

At last, the daffodils were out.

The last leg of the walk took us across a ploughed field with a well-defined path.

An excellent walk - thanks Tony and Helen - and I'm glad it didn't rain. I'd forgotten to bring my coat!

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Val Poore said...

Halfie, there are some lovely shots here, but I have to say the very top photo in the post looks exactly like the nature areas near us. It could so easily be Holland!