Thursday, 25 April 2013

Does this count as a "historic" boat?

Easter Cruise day 3, 3rd April 2013

This former work boat passed us on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal at Hopwas.

Formerly known as Grenville, it looks to be recently acquired from CRT/BW.

How old does a boat have to be to count as "historic"? Or is it sufficient to have been a bona fide working boat?

This was not the only former working boat to pass us here. Tomorrow, a couple of shots of one which passed in the dark. We heard it coming from a long way off.


Amy said...

GRENVILLE was built in 1959, so yes a historic boat. One of the Admiral class boats.

John Witts said...

Admiral Grenville?

Would that be Sir Richard Grenville of the 'Revenge'?

And of 'Sink me the ship, master gunner, sink her, split her in twain' fame?

I'd give her a wide berth if I were you!


Halfie said...

Amy, I thought the Admiral class had much more vertical stem posts.

John, you live up to your surname!