Thursday, 18 April 2013

Life after work

Easter cruise 2013 with pictures!

It's odd how, after an enforced break from blogging, it's difficult to start up again. I'm finding that to be the case. We were without internet for two or three nights in a row towards the end of our two weeks on Shadow; then I had a late night after going to see my parents in Essex; then I was unwell ...

Anyway, here I am again, reliving that cold cruise.

On April Fool's day we set off from Braunston after a car/bike shuffle.

Snow was our constant companion.

It picked out the mediæval ridge and furrow field systems abounding in this area.

At Willoughby David, Penny and Fergus joined us.

Here is David steering out of Hillmorton Bottom Lock.

Seeing this boat reminded me that I am about to discover that there is ...

... life after work!


Val Poore said...

Goodness it looks cold!!

Halfie said...

There's colder to come!