Friday, 8 February 2013

Seeing this signwriting reminds me ...

... that I haven't done anything about Jubilee's signwriting - or lack of it - yet.

This is butty Cygnus being given some more shading at Stoke Bruerne in June 2011 (more photos here).

Now I've had an idea for Jubilee. I think I'd like to recreate the logo of Jubilee hose clips. But would they give me permission? Their website has this warning:

Jubilee® is a registered trade mark of L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Limited. The company name, brands, drawings, photographs and descriptions are protected by L Robinson & Company (Gillingham) Limited's industrial and intellectual property rights. Any reproduction and/or modification without the prior written agreement of L Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Limited will be interpreted as an infringement of copyright and may be liable to prosecution.

So I dare not even reproduce the logo here.

Did Steve get permission from Brasso to reproduce their artwork on his boat?

I can't see how Brasso would mind all that free (I assume it's free) advertising. So perhaps L. Robinson wouldn't mind either.

Jubilee is still a blank canvas.


Val Poore said...

Having a blank canvas has good and bad sides. The good is that you can do whatever you like (copyright permitting); the bad is that you have too much choice. that can made it hard to come to a decision!

One Thing After Another said...

We still need to get our name "One Thing After Another" onto our boat too. I feel like it isn't completed properly until the name is on!

No Direction said...

You could always ask the signwriter to make the clip a left hand thread, that may get around it as I haven't come across a left hand threaded Jubilee clip, otherwise don't worry, I bet the Queen didn't ask before she had a Jubilee.

Halfie said...

Val, at least we've decided on the name.

OTAA, I agree. Being used by marina-dwellers as it is at the moment it's not so bad, but when we start cruising on it that's when the boat will need an identity.

Ray, that's a nice idea. Would it stand scrutiny in court, though?

Halfie said...

Further to which, L. Robinson's small print appears to rule out modification.

Captain Ahab said...

Get it wrong and you would get more than a "clip" round the ear.

Adam said...

Why not ask them for permission? Companies like that often have a sense of humour, and may even quite like the idea.