Saturday, 2 February 2013

Accepting Safari upgrade means my Hotmail now works again

On my elderly Apple iMac G5 I've been struggling for years with Hotmail. I could read messages, sometimes, but it wouldn't allow me to send or forward messages. Rather frustrating, as you can imagine. For the last two or three years I've had to use the slow PC laptop, or wait until I was at work.

Also, my computer really didn't like the recent changes to Blogger. On selecting my blog it appeared without the bar at the top, so there was no "New Post" to click on. In order to create a new post I've been having to click on all sorts of things to make it work.

But a few minutes ago the icon indicating a software update started bouncing, so I clicked on it and selected an update to Safari, my computer's browser. I can't remember this ever having been updated before, and this was the reason for internetty things failing to work as they should. I was dreading the mandatory restart. Would anything work again? Would I be able to post to this blog?

Well, Safari now comes up with a funny "preview" window thing, and the tabs look slightly different - but - Hooray! Hotmail now seems to work again! I can actually send a message! And my blog has come up looking like it should, so I can easily create a new post!

To celebrate, here's a derelict warehouse by the Grand Union Canal in Wolverton. The sun shone through from the other side at the instant I snapped the photo, so I've played with the image a little.

This is what it looked like before I tweaked it in iPhoto.

Here it is again, without the blinding sun.

My online life, such as it is, is going to be a lot easier now.


Steve said...

The warehouse is the ex BR/LMS/LNWR carriage works. Best wishes, Steve

Halfie said...

Thanks Steve - not really a warehouse at all, then.