Friday, 22 February 2013

Painting radiators

I did a few more jobs on Shadow today. These included painting one radiator; touching up another one; and painting the bottom of the windlass locker.

I was rather disappointed with the result of the radiator painting. It was the first time I'd attempted such a thing. I prepared the surface by rubbing down and cleaning with "white spirit", but when I started painting it looked horribly streaky. When it had dried it looked slightly better, but it had a few paint runs. Perhaps I should have used a higher quality paint, but all that was on board was a tin of Wilko. At least it was proper radiator paint. I didn't have time to give it a second coat - that's for the next time we're on board (unless another owner beats me to it).

The painting of the bottom of the windlass and mooring pin locker was more successful. A couple of days ago I cleaned out all the mud; today I gave it a coat of grey primer. It should have dried by the time the boat is next used.

Before you say - I know the photos aren't exactly the right ones for this post, but I didn't take any of the radiators.

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