Sunday, 17 February 2013

Porta Potti flush problem

We're on Shadow again - hooray! We'll be using the boat as a base from which to make various trips by car. One of those will be to Birmingham, which we had intended to do by boat, but the stoppage at Calcutt got in the way.

On to the title of this post. As we're not likely to be taking Shadow anywhere - and won't be on the boat the whole time - we thought we'd bring our (ex-caravan) Porta Potti so as to avoid the pumpout fee. I cleaned off the cobwebs and loaded it in the car, along with logs for the stove etc.

There's plenty of space in the bathroom (now the ridiculous corner bath has gone), so I put a splash of blue in the bottom, put some water in the top, and flushed it.

Or, rather, I tried to flush it. The concertina thing you press down wouldn't go down. So no water flushed out of the little nozzle.

It worked the last time we used it (but that was probably 15 years ago). What could have happened? It's a Porta Potti 145.

(There was meant to be another photo, a wider one showing the whole loo, but Blogger just won't let me upload it.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Halfie

I think the bellows innards (ie.flusher pump thingie) may be buggered/perished, you can buy new white bellows replacements on Ebay for about £12.00-£19.00, so I suspect they may also be readily available from boat chandlers/caravan shops.

Beardy Chas

Halfie said...

Thanks BC. Yes, that must be what's happened. I suppose I'll have to dismantle the whole thing to replace it - a job I can leave for a while ...