Monday, 4 February 2013

Route planning scuppered by stoppages

The last time we were on Shadow was last September, almost half a year ago. This was the weather then:

Forward to the present ... and, oh dear. We were planning to be on Shadow for a few days, taking it from Wigram's Turn to Birmingham. The boat needs to be at BCBM's shared ownership boat show at the beginning of March, but the stoppage information from CRT seems to indicate that there would be a problem.

Grand Union Canal »

  1. Stoppage: Calcutt Lock 1 to 3

    11 Feb 2013 - 01 Mar 2013
    Associated Regional Office: South East Waterways
    Relining of lock gates.
    (Enquiries: 03030 404040)

  1. Stoppage: Atherstone Lock 7

    07 Jan 2013 - 01 Mar 2013
    Associated Regional Office: Central Shires Waterways
    Repair / Rebuild Lock Landing
    (Enquiries: 03030 404040)
    The towpath is also closed

We were intending to leave Wigram's Turn Marina after 11th Feb, i.e. after the Calcutt stoppage is due to start. An alternative route to Nantwich, via North Oxford, Coventry, T&M and Middlewich Branch Canals is blocked by the closure at Atherstone Locks.

I'll have to contact CRT to ask if this stoppage info is up-to-date.


Neil Corbett said...

Well if you want to take your life in your hands you could always go
Braunston, Norton Jn, Foxton, Leicester, down the Soar, back along the Trent and Mersey to Fradley, then Fazeley and so into Brum. Of course I haven't checked for stoppages on that route either.


Halfie said...

We were hoping to do it in three easy days (and the locks at Fradley are being worked on, as are lots along the B&F) ...