Tuesday, 19 February 2013

An excellent lunch at the King's Head in Napton, and a visit from a blog reader

It was difficult to get out of our snug bed this morning - it had been cold overnight, and ice had formed in the marina. We soon had the heating on and the stove lit. The start of a great day.

After a lovely warming shower in the facilities block, and when I'd had breakfast, I took the above photo from the boat. The ice was slowly disappearing, and the ducks were reverting to swimming rather than walking.

Ally came to visit today, and we walked to the King's Head in Napton for lunch. We were delighted to find a £5 lunchtime menu with superb-looking options.

Between us we had a pheasant, leek and tarragon pie on a creamy mash bed; coq au vin with vegetables; and chicken, bacon and mozarella baguette with chips and salad. It was all utterly delicious, and then we shared an Oozy-Woozy Chocolate Pudding with chocolate sauce and ice cream. That was fab too, although I was pretty full from the first course. I had change from £20 (for the food). We'll go again, possibly tomorrow, to sample the liver and bacon or Hungarian goulash. Or both.

Before lunch, though, there was a banging on the side of the boat. I went to investigate, and Graham from nb Armadillo was standing there, introducing himself to me. His boat was moored on the next pontoon but one. I invited him in, of course, and offered him coffee. It was good to meet you, Graham, and look forward to the beers tomorrow! I've added your blog to my list on the right.

There's still a problem with Blogger not uploading photographs. Grrr.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

I have not been to the Kings Head for some years. The first time I went the food was great as was the second, then it was down hill. The managment seemed to change on a regular basis so obvously got good ones at the moment.