Thursday, 31 January 2013

A day in London - seven trains used

Just a quick one: I've spent the day in London for a work-related course. As I indicated to Ray of No Direction it's to do with my imminent departure from my employer of the last 33 years, the BBC. I will say more about this in a later post, but, for now, I'll detail the trains I have travelled on today.

First was a Jubilee Line train from North Greenwich to Bond Street. (I stayed at David's house last night.)

Then I took a Central Line train from Bond Street to White City where the course took place.

Now the journey home: Central Line to Liverpool Street;

Liverpool Street to Shenfield on a Greater Anglia train to call in at my parents (thanks for the meal).

After that I took the train to Chelmsford ...

... where I had to change trains for one to take me to Norwich.

But that wasn't the end of the journey - I needed a train to Wymondham. And that was the last one.

Then I cycled the remaining few miles home.

I do like trains!

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