Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Brilliant bargain boots!

Possibly the best ten quid I've spent in a charity shop was on a pair of Trojan safety boots. It was last "summer" in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I spotted the boots and tried them on. They fitted well ... I thought about it ... and then I bought them. My old (Armond) walking boots cost £100 in 1989 and should have been very good indeed. From the beginning they were uncomfortable, but I convinced myself that they only needed breaking in. I've been breaking them in ever since. Now I don't have to.

The "new" boots are simply superb. Ultra comfortable; completely waterproof; warm; grippy (easily the grippiest footwear I've had); fantastic in snow; and smart enough for work in this snowy weather.

I started this post thinking I'd merely comment on how good snow is for cleaning the underneath of boots etc., but I seem to have got carried away somewhat!

I have worn these Trojans on muddy walks and dusty treks. I've boated, cycled and driven in them. They looked new when I bought them. After five minutes with some dubbin (and a week of snow) they still look new. (And, freshly dubbined, the snow doesn't stick.)

The bargain of 2012. (The new price is about £76 - I'd say they were worth it for that amount too.)

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