Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year's cruise ends with sunshine and curry

We're back at home in Norfolk now, after a very enjoyable four days on the canal. Over that time we've had rain, wind and cold; but today we had wall-to-wall sunshine with little wind. A bit chilly, too, but a price worth paying for such superb cruising conditions.

We woke on still waters opposite the Taverners Boat Club at Thrupp Wharf on the Grand Union. Funnily enough, that's where we moored last night.

The sun glared down without imparting much in the way of heat. Sometimes it was difficult to see where we were going - you can shield your eyes from the direct sun, but not so easily from the reflected sun on the water.

At Cosgrove Lock the Buckingham Canal branches off to the west (that's the fork to the right in the photo), but not much is in water now.

We tied up below the lock for a short while as Jan wanted to walk round the village. I wanted to explore the Buckingham Canal, so we went in different directions. I came across something interesting going on on my walk - I'll tell you about it in a later post!

Oh yes, the curry. After loading the car and cleaning Jubilee ready for Ally and Ben's return in a couple of days, we got a curry from the Milton Keynes Massala - the takeaway which is all of twenty paces from the bow doors - and ate it on board before driving home.


Ben Hardy said...

Hey daddy! Wow what a lot of logs! Thank you sooooo much! You left the boat so nice to come back to, with the fire set and ready to go and everything :) yay! You're the best! Ally and Ben xxxx

Halfie said...

Yes, there is quite a pile of logs, isn't there? And you'll have seen the uncut branches too. Some of those have partial cuts in the right places. I hope you can get in and out OK! I set the fire, but Mum did most of the cleaning! Did you replace the water tank cap which I left off?

Val Poore said...

Lovely winter photos, Halfie! I love winter sunshine. It makes everything look gentle. You are a very kind dad indeed.

Halfie said...

Thanks Val.