Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Icknield Port Loop for development

The January issue of Canal Boat magazine carried news that the Icknield Port Loop of the BCN is to be developed. (No doubt other waterways publications also had this.) According to CB 1115 houses, some with rooftop gardens, have been given the go-ahead, along with a pub, hotel, supermarket and community centre.

There's no doubt that many people will welcome the demolition of these old buildings, but I quite like the feel of the past just left to decay gently. Places like this are getting harder to find.

The good news for boaters is that the loop will gain a towpath.


Ben the Snowman update ...

Day three: quite 'armless now. The photo was taken at about 0830, and it's been a mild day. It's been 13˚C outside this evening, so I don't suppose there'll be so much as a patch of white in the morning.

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