Sunday, 20 January 2013

Icicles galore!

I have never seen so many icicles - real ones - hanging from gutters before.

We went for a short walk this afternoon while it was trying to snow some more, and were astonished by all the icicles hanging from most roof gutters. My theory is that the heavy snow followed by a hard frost blocked the downpipes, so that when a slight thaw occurred the water couldn't drain away normally and started to dribble over the edge of the gutters. Then a tendency for the water to evaporate cooled it, and the icicles formed. I ought to look up how icicles grow and see if I'm right, I suppose.

In the front garden of one house was an unusual snowman - with spiky hair made from icicles. The neck was an icicle too.

In other news: I have almost finished editing the village pantomime which I filmed four days ago. The next job is to create a DVD from it.

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Val Poore said...

Wow! That's even more impressive than ours. Someone had fun with the snowman!