Thursday, 17 January 2013

This is Halfie behind a camera

I said yesterday that I was about to drive to Norwich to get "my" camera so I could film the local pantomime. Well, I did that after spending about half an hour clearing the snow off the car. After the previous day's heavy snowfall the local roads were compacted snow, but the main roads were mostly salty slushy icy stuff. There was plenty of grip for the Amazon's relatively skinny tyres (a set of brand new 165x15s).

Here I am ready to film the panto with a Sony HVR-Z1E, universally referred to within the BBC as a Z1. This is the camera which I sometimes get sent out with to film for Look East (but not for much longer: just ten weeks to go!)

Oh, and there is a canal connection - can you spot it?


Kevin said...

Well at least this question is easier than the one set by Sue of nb No Problem...

It's a Mikron T Shirt, you just need the 'bingo wings' to fill out the sleeves though John... LOL

Halfie said...

Kevin, you are correct. I must eat more.