Sunday, 27 January 2013

The rise and fall of Ben the Snowman

Yesterday, on a flying visit, Ally expressed great surprise that we hadn't even walked on the pristine snow covering our garden, let alone built a snowman.

So she set to ...

... and made (with a little help from me) Ben the Snowman.

He grew a couple of buttons ... and helped celebrate Jan's birthday.

Then Ally took Ben's hat away, and Ben the Snowman started to feel sad.

And then the rains came, the sun shone, and the temperature rose. 24 hours after his own birthday Ben the Snowman is looking distinctly unwell.

Oh well, it's our (very) small part in minimising the risk of flooding!

Now Ben the Snowman is still there, looking emaciated, and nearly all the surrounding snow has gone.


Anonymous said...

My mini-Everest is still there - just! But I give full marks to your Ben. Well done, Ally.


Halfie said...

Full marks? That's a rare thing!