Sunday, 26 August 2012

The twists and turns of the Oxford Canal

After three nights on Jubilee staying with Ally and Ben we're now on Shadow - just the two of us. We turned right out of Wigram's Turn Marina at about 4.00 pm; turned left at Braunston Turn; and we tied up just south of Hillmorton four hours later.

Now I know the Oxford Canal was one of the first to be built, and hugged contours where it could, but this bit just east of Wigram's seems just a little extreme. The canal heads steadily east for a third of a mile, except for regular indentations in the towpath. To my untutored eye the countryside looks flat, so why is the canal like this?

To the south the cotton wool clouds floated over the hills...

...and Jan enjoyed a spell of steering.

A few minutes ago we heard, and then saw, a firework display taking place about four miles west of here. They must have known we were coming! (But the location was slightly out...)

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