Sunday, 12 August 2012

Solar powered narrowboat reviewed in Canal Boat magazine

I've just read with great interest an article on a narrowboat powered solely from solar energy. In the latest (September) issue of Canal Boat magazine Martin Parry describes how he has fitted a 32' GRP boat with four 220W solar panels and an electric motor connected directly to the prop shaft.

I'm looking forward to part two in next month's issue where Martin promises to tell us how the all-electric boat performs in daily use. Will he be able to cruise in the winter months, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

We have friends who lived on a solar-powered narrowboat. I don't think they moved much in winter, but many boaters don't. In summer they went about silently... I looked into altering my own boat, after seeing this company:
but couldn't afford it. If you have the diesel engine removed, there's space for the bank of batteries.

Halfie said...

Carrie, I really don't know how he'll get enough solar energy. In the article he mentioned that there are six domestic batteries in addition to the (unstated number of) drive batteries.

Narrowboat Wife said...

This is really interesting as they are so rare. I recently interviewed a guy who is passionate about this: He built the electric barge and the interview will be in Sept Towpath Talk.


Halfie said...

Thanks Peggy, I'll look out for it.