Friday, 10 August 2012

Taking the cable car over the Thames

Part of our Olympic experience on the first Saturday of the Games (it seems like a long time ago) was to cross the Thames by cable car.

This runs from Royal Victoria Dock south to the Dome - sorry, the Oh Two (or the North Greenwich Arena) and is sponsored by the Emirates airline company and is called the Emirates Air Line.

The views were excellent: here are the Dome, Canary Wharf, the river and the DLR.

Tickets - or "boarding passes" as they call them - cost us £3.20 each for a single journey as we had Travelcards for the Olympics. Normal single fares without Oyster card or Travelcard are £4.30.

It was good fun, and we had a car to ourselves, but I didn't feel it necessary to do it again for the return leg (we used the Underground).

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VallyP said...

Wow! That looks awesome - as my students would say. I really mean it, though!