Thursday, 30 August 2012

And still the old boats come

As we made our way along the Ashby Canal towards Marston Junction we kept encountering historic boats making their way to the Shackerstone Family Festival.

Here comes Victoria, followed by Archimedes.

Their steerers were talking to each other on mobile phones.

It was even better seeing the boats in action than all lined up on their moorings. And there was the thrill of not knowing which boat was just round the next bend.

As I approached Bridge 17 I could see that I was much nearer the bridge hole than a boat coming towards me. But the boat was towing another - so I waved the steerer on and reversed out of the way.

Biddie was towing LMS boat Olive (built 1930).

There are many more photos, which I'll save for another time.

I must just say, though, that we stopped for lunch at the Lime Kilns pub where the A5 crosses the Ashby Canal. Excellent food and good value.

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