Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bridges old and new(er)

Normal service has been resumed, weather-wise. Rain. Lots of the stuff. And we had to boat in it, as we were going to pick up cousin Victoria and David from Houghton Lock and take them to Godmanchester. First we moved to the water point at The Waits in St Ives. A small cruiser was moored there; fortunately they agreed to move out of our way. Even then we couldn't get in properly; another cruiser moved up a little and all was well.

At Houghton Lock we met our guests and put their bikes in the well deck. Unfortunately the rain confined them to the cabin as Jan and I took turns to steer. Victoria and David enjoyed seeing their home environment from a new angle.

Apparently the spire of Hemingford Grey church was blown into the river during a hurricane in 1741.

We passed many thatched buildings, including this splendid boat house.

A close look, however, reveals the poor condition of the walls.

We stopped for lunch just before the old bridge connecting Huntingdon to Godmanchester. Just beyond it is the more modern bridge carrying the A14.

Halfie, Jan, David, Victoria

On our way after lunch … here is the A14 bridge. We have driven over this many times - at last we were going under it.

Just the other side is this sad-looking house.

Through Godmanchester Lock, hard left … and here is the Chinese Bridge. When I was little we used to break our car journey here on the way to Granny's in Lincolnshire.

Victoria and David invited us to their house where we enjoyed a meal together with Toby. Thanks for the great evening.  And did I mention that it rained?  I think it might have just stopped.

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