Friday, 17 July 2015

Where not to moor in Middlewich

I was right. We didn't sleep well last night. The HGVs kept thundering past all the time - if you value an uninterrupted shut-eye then don't moor just above King's Lock in Middlewich. Counterintuitively the traffic noise subsided only during rush hour. This was because everything was reduced to a crawl. At 0800 I looked out of the window and was surprised to see nothing but lorries.

All right then, lorry cabs.

Despite our forthcoming rendezvous with our friends (who have a mooring directly above King's Lock on the offside, as it happens) we were determined to move away from this most peaceless of locations, so we winded and dropped through four locks to tie up just after Bridge 172.

At the sharp left bend where the dry dock is Jan manoeuvred Jubilee past Constance.

Adrian and Chris had arrived by the time we tied up; we went to help with the last stages of putting up their shed.

I did help, honest!

And then Adrian declared the shed to be finished. The first item to be stored inside is the TV aerial.

We all enjoyed a takeaway from the Balti Spice, still going after 16 years, eating it on board Jubilee.

We saw Chris and Jan on Tilly May again today as they passed Adrian and Chris's boat Essence. They stopped in front of Jubilee to get some provisions.


Alf said...

You were unlucy last night as the M6 had major delays due to roadworks, normally the road is not that busy outside of the normal day traffic.

Simon. said...

You'd have done better to go up Wardle lock after getting water. The moorings above there are much more peaceful.


Halfie said...

Alf, ah - that would explain it.

Simon, I was going to do that the next morning but Jan said there were good moorings three locks down. And they were fine. (Shame really - I was looking forward to doing my first ever reverse down a lock.)