Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ibex passes

24th June 2015

I managed to get everyone organised for a self-timed group shot at Glascote after one of our morning briefing/prayer meetings.

l-r: Rob, Eric, Peter, Richard, David, Lin K, Halfie, Lin A, Hazel, Trish, Robin, Henry, Mary (at front), Carole, David, James (at back), Elaine, Gwyneth, Mary, Chris (dark glasses), Adrian, Sue, Alan (at front), Jan, Celia (at back), Stephen, Mike, Don (at back), Chris (at back), Peter, Diane
That evening we formed a few teams and took part in a quiz night at The Gate pub in Amington. Here is our team, either deep in thought or asleep.

Eric, Sue, Carole, David, Jan
25th June 2015

We held our usual 0800 meetings in Amington on a field next to the towpath. This one attracted a passing cyclist, Louise, I think she said her name was, who joined in the two or three songs we started with.

At about midday nb Ibex chugged past, brasses gleaming, probably on its way to Braunston.

Its crew included a dog and a baby.

In the evening we enjoyed a barbecue together. Lin and Peter seem to be looking after the drinks.

26th June 2015

I know it appears that all we do is eat ... but we were busy during the day, honest! Anyway, here is another self-timed photo of those who shared a meal on Jubilee today.

Jack, Halfie, Henry, Jan, Elaine, Lin
In the next post: how a fancy dress party brightened up the towpath.

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