Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nearing Liverpool

Tuesday 28th July 2015

It rained a lot in the night, and rained some more as we cruised to Maghull. There we stopped for lunch, then had a wander round the town.

We didn't stay too long as I was keen to get to the assembly point for the passage to Liverpool the next day. Hancock's Swing Bridge 9 wasn't far away; we joined five narrowboats already there. Another narrowboat came a bit later; widebeam hotel boat Lady Teal would join the party in the morning.

And this is the swing bridge we ordinary boaters are (currently) not allowed to operate.

As the sun went down over Aintree we were looking forward to the bringing to fruition of our plan to go to Liverpool by boat.



Pip and Mick said...

If that's NB Hazel in your photo, say hello from us. We did the tidal Ouse from Selby with her a year ago and she had engine problems. Enjoy your trip into Liverpool, we did it a few years ago and it was brilliant. Have to do it again as visitors took up all our time there for us to enjoy it.
Pip and Mick
NB Lillyanne (the yellow one)

Halfie said...

Pip and Mick, yes, it was nb Hazel, but they left this morning before I had a chance to pass on your message. Sorry. I know what you mean about visitors and time, but we have enjoyed it. We leave tomorrow and we, like you, will have to do it again.