Thursday, 16 July 2015

Four old things in Sandbach; bread-bombed ducks

The oldest man-made things in Sandbach are these two ancient "crosses".

As for the two other old things I refer to in the title, well, I did mention that we are to be grandparents, didn't I?

We went down King's Lock and filled up with diesel (61p per litre base price - not bad!); then winded in the junction and went back up the lock to tie up approximately opposite our friends' boat Essence. We have arranged to go for a curry with them tomorrow, so we'll be here in Middlewich for an extra day.

As we approached Middlewich we saw these two people chucking bread pellets at ducks on the other side of the canal.

Perhaps the ducks were trying to get away from them.

I hope we get some sleep tonight. We are a few feet from a main road with HGVs thundering by, as well as the boy racers. No-one seems to obey the 30mph speed limit.

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