Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pottery workers take a break

Much better weather today saw us cruise from Etruria to Rode Heath. On the way we saw workers on a break at Middleport Pottery.

A familiar boat went past, No Direction, but in different ownership since bloggers Ray and Jayne sold it.

(Rubbish picture, sorry.)

As we went past Westport Lake a man untying his boat, Tilly May, called out to say that he read this blog. At Harecastle Tunnel we had a chat while watering up.

Chris and Jan, it was good to meet you. Our paths diverged the other side of the tunnel at Hardings Wood Junction as we carried down the Trent and Mersey while Chris and Jan turned onto the Hall Green Branch.

We stopped at Rode Heath where the moorings were pretty full. We tied up at the beginning of all the moored boats, had tea, then welcomed friends Martin and Buff - who live in the village - on for drinks.

At one point in the evening Jan noticed the sunset directly ahead of us. This is the view from the side hatch.

Our lunch stop, by the way, was at Red Bull, where we booked our passage into and out of Liverpool. This is now to be in on Wednesday 29th July and out on Sunday 2nd August, giving us three whole days there. I think that will be enough. This wasn't the perfect timing as we had hoped to meet up with Ally and Ben at Scarisbrick on their way to a wedding in Southport. Never mind, they will have to visit us in Albert Dock. I don't know where they will park.


Chris Hills said...

Hi Jan & John,
So nice to meet you yesterday. Great photo of us. Hope you have a good summer on Jubilee. Look forward to our next meeting

No Direction said...

Hi Halfie/Jan, nice to see the boat, we still follow your blog.

Halfie said...

Chris, our paths will no doubt cross again - perhaps there will be more time for coffee then.

Ray, I wondered if you'd see this post. I wasn't expecting you to find it so quickly! The boat is still looking good.

James Bell said...

When you get near Scarisbrick, look up John and Helen Lloyd on a boat called Dolly. They are in the BCF directory. Tell them we sent you.

Halfie said...

OK James. Are they in the marina or online?

James Bell said...

I think they are in the marina. Give them a call or email them. They are not on the boat all the time.