Monday, 20 July 2015

Red bottoms and blue bottoms

Until today I had seen only black hulls. But then, obviously freshly done, appeared this red-bottomed boat.

And then these blue bottoms.

(Sorry the photos are so dark; I don't know how to lighten them in Paint.)

We left Moore and continued east along the Bridgewater Canal, stopping at Lymm for lunch and a look round. The canal goes through some lovely wooded bits.

I was just thinking how much more pleasant it is that it's not raining when the drizzle started.

It stopped when we did at Lymm. We walked up to the church, which was open for electrical safety checks; then we walked to Lymm Dam. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera. The dam was built when the toll road was routed to carry what became the A56. Water flows from the lake thus created under a bridge and through the "Dingle" woods to the village centre.

We tied up for the night at Little Bollington just past the water point. We had a barbecue, then walked to the Swan with Two Nicks pub as the nearer pub, Ye Olde No. 3, had shut at 9 pm. It always does on a Monday, apparently.


Jim said...

The coloured hulls may have been "blacked" at Uplands Marina, Anderton. I was offered a choice of colour for Starcross there (for 2-pack Epoxy) but stuck to boring old black.

Halfie said...

Jim, I did wonder if it was the mysterious (to me) two-pack epoxy. (Is it like an epoxy resin, such as Araldite, which has two ingredients which you mix at the last minute?)